Briley Witch Chronicles 2 v1.0.1 Released

Fixed a few issues:

  • Removed an unreachable fox that should not have been there in the first place.
  • Tidied up Sebastian using the Sledgehammer a bit - was messing up if you were on the wrong map.
  • Using the Hammer item was crashing the game - can’t use the Hammer now.


  • Added a new ANALYSE spell - shows an enemies LF and magic weakness / resistance.
  • When combat starts, enemies now charge in from off screen if the party is surprised.


Briley Witch Chronicles 2 v1.0.1.crt 801 kB
Dec 03, 2023

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Well, I just finished the game. I was hoping for two or three hours more playing it.

My stats, which are not really good about foxes (but it could have been worse !)



Once again, I'm asking for some help. I'm still with Alyssa, but I'm blocked in "grim forest". What object do I need to cut my way into the passage?

I'm kinda stuck here. Any help will be welcomed :)


You can buy a small axe at Covenham.

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Well thanks. Did not think about it... My bad!


How can anyone not love Sarah Jane Avory and her games?

So the hammer is now like the Chainsaw in Maniac Mansion? :))


Excellent, that was a quick turnaround! Can't wait *⁠\⁠0⁠/⁠*


Does this mean the hammer will be fixed in a future build?


The Hammer is not an item the player needs to use...


cool - thanks for update


thanks for the update Sarah <3


Great update. Got all my save files imported from the disk drive into the cartridge image.

Can't wait to play the game with this version. But tomorrow evening, following my policy of  "one hour a day" :)

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Now, I'm blocked with Alyssa in the "northern cod" quest. Got killed every time by brigands. Ouch!

Edit: after some thinking, I worked around this problem and finished this quest... Until the next one :)