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Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is a Japanese-inspired RPG for the Commodore 64, based on the Briley Witch series of novels. This is the sequel to Briley Witch Chronicles.


Follow the adventures of Briley, a modern day girl lost in a strange new world...

Take control of Briley as she continues to explore her new life, aided by Smokey, her grumpy talking cat - and best friend. 


  • Japanese-inspired RPG, with full-screen scrolling.
  • Hours and hours of gameplay (19+ with normal play).
  • Story-driven, following the plot of Briley Witch novels 5 & 6.
  • Turn based combat, also with cats!
  • Gather ingredients to make powerful potions.
  • Lots of characters to talk to.
  • Supports 2-button C64GS or compatible joysticks.
  • Can be played entirely with a one-button joystick.
  • Save/load to either cartridge or disk.
  • Includes a full A5 manual (full colour or printer friendly).
  • PAL and NTSC compatible.
  • TheC64 Mini & Maxi compatible.

NB: When using an Ultimate 64 or a 1541 Ultimate cartridge, please use Save To Disk instead of Save To Cart as although the game reports the Save To Cart as successful, it doesn't actually save anything and you will lose progress.


Programming, graphics, and sound by Sarah Jane Avory.

Sprite portraits, additional sprites, and bitmap touch-up by Paolo Rathjen.

(C) 2023 Witchsoft.


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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tags8-Bit, Commodore 64, JRPG, Retro, Singleplayer


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Briley Witch Chronicles 2 v1.0.3.crt 801 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles 2 v1.0.2.crt 801 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles 2 v1.0.1.crt 801 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles 2 v1.0.crt 801 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles 2 Manual.pdf 7 MB
Briley Witch Chronicles 2 Brochure.pdf 18 MB
Briley Witch Chronicles 2 Manual (print friendly).pdf 6 MB
Briley Witch Chronicles 2 Brochure (print friendly).pdf 19 MB

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xcellent ... i could feel the marriage proposal coming, theres a few things like when they take briley and it switches to sebastian you can pass by the zone and theres no one there, but afterwards it flashes back to the zone and the story continues with her there ... and a few minor things that are probably due to lack of 500 playtesters (which i wouldnt wanna be b/c it would ruin the story heh - o woe ! ) ... thats not criticism but honest feedback from a gamer since yars revenge who digs jrpg style games a lot too ...

Assuming no one pushes the easyflash format to its potential (which is 2mb) and incorporates it into VICE as well as sells soldered kits from a new kungfu-type i can only hope you dont rush the next instance since you'll still "only" have 1mb to work with ...

Meanlawel seems stale, rpg64 is silent i havent heard about any others (jrpg or ultima style games are kinda more work than gamejams i suppose) so BWC3 is probably the next one ... take your time plz

gg , thanks!!

(3 edits)

When playing with Alyssa, she is able to brew mint tea, but she is unable to fill empty flasks at the river. You can to go to Chaeton to buy pre-filled flasks, and that way you can still make yourself some mint tea stock for emergency situations. Alyssa is also unable to pick up an empty flask in Baxter's house. I'm not sure this is intended, but I don't like this behaviour.

Was coming here to report similar.


Finished! Now I have the long wait for Briley Witch 3 ahead of me. I'm sad that Grimoire Citadel didn't fit in BW2 -- 5-6-7 feel like a natural unit -- but I'm glad we got a game that good when we did.

1.0.3: When Shalott is trying to lead the party on her safe path, Briley's new spells are suddenly gone. (Was one of them needed?)

Also, Alyssa equipping the Ruby Pendant makes the Moon Pendant disappear from inventory.

1.0.3: When Alyssa gathers honey, the dialogue is from Briley.

Also, brewing mint tea and getting Appleshot from Haleigh both silently fail (and consume your ingredients) if you already are carrying 9 of them, rather than tell you that you can't carry any more.

Also also, Alyssa can't refill empty water flasks, for some reason.

Hi, just found a major bug in Version 3....

I've been having trouble finding a way out of Grsythe without getting killed by the Veritas..

I tried using the Bnsh Blade spell on them, and it played out the previous scene with Lord Grey as in the pictures..... Also when my party came out, I suddenly had 2 Shallots!!

Luckily I had saved a position 20 minutes before..



We have the same issue— can鈥檛 find the way out of Greysythe. Any ideas here? South of the Great Hall is no passage!

Hi, I found the way out in the end...

That bush just south as you can see in the picture....that's the way out..:)


Hi, sorry, I just found another bug where I had to go to John the woodman to ask to repair the broken bridge... He wanted a new hammer and chisel to do it.....I had them already as I bought them from Chaetonmarket earlier...

But this wasn't detected and I had to go buy them again for the program to register!! 



Interesting, because I had already bought them as well before that point, spoke to John again and it did register fine for me.


Hi, if you're still working on version 1.0.3, I've just found a typo error which spells Clarissa as Charissa as in the photo..

It's just after delivering Rye Bread to the Chandlers and just before going to chat with Chloe before the festival..

Thanks, have a great day.


The previous window of conversation with Clarissa to this screenshot, after you return from the festival (and the knive thrower attack) spills onto four lines and therefore doesn't get "wiped" as a result.


Spotted a typo when talking to Chloe for the first time.


Hi, just found a bug.... When on way to break the big boulder in the forest with the sledgehammer and Sebastian..... Before I entered the forest I  selected to use the sledgehammer with Sebastian, and the characters disappeared and invisibly broke the boulder with the SFX and text as in the picture!!!

We were not even at the boulder!!

Which version are you using? V1.0.1 should have fixed that bug.

Hi, I'm actually using the latest version, V1.0.2....

Ah, looks like I broke it again on v1.0.2! (DOH!)

Okay, got a fix, so will have to do a v1.0.3 release.


ha, easily done I guess... But glad I found it... Weird though cos I never try using anything unless I'm at the place where I want to use it..

For some reason I just had an urge to use the sledgehammer before I went into the forest...Must've had a premonition or something that there's something wrong with it! Lol

Loving the game by the way and following the story...... I don't normally like RPGs but yours is different... Looks better, plays better and addictive story..:)

Great Christmas Present from my good wife!! :)

Many thanks for creating this and helping keep the humble C64 going!! :)

P.S.... If there is a 3rd part to conclude the story of your original book set, my 1 and only ask would be to have a fresh selection of music / sfx, just so it doesn't get too repetitively familiar, if you understand what I mean?..

That would be awesome!!

Have a great day Sarah. :)


Wow congrats continue with the same spirit
Wow congrats continue with the same spirit

Possible bug?  Before finishing the game, I kept coming back to see if I could open these chests.  Nothing happens when I attempt to open any of the three.

Sarah, is this the preferred venue for bug reporting, or do you prefer PMs?

I was going to ask about those chests as well...


Just finished the game! I enjoyed it overall, but my main gripe is with the amount of menial tasks you have to do in order to advance the story - For instance, cleaning the hall once would be fine, doing it three times just feels like padding. Same with the endless bread deliveries (that at least work as an introduction to the different characters), gathering wood and so on. I also had the same problem with the first game - too many tasks that could've been a cutscene or even a "some time later" caption. 

Other than that - the story was good (more engrossing than the first game in my opinion), I really liked the party switching mid-game and the converging plots. The battles were fine although it seems that some enemies are overpowered, and it was a bit annoying when I spent all of my healing potions on a tough battle just to realize it was impossible to win anyway due to the plot.

Still, a very impressive game and one of my favorites on the C64, and I'd love to play the third part someday :) Thank you Sarah!


Very good game, thank you. I also added it to my December's new Commodore 64 games video too.


Maybe I can trade another bug for another hint? :D

I'm attempting to sneak out of Grsythe, and can't figure out the safe path (thus the hint request).  When I get stuck, I try random stuff.  This bug is easy to reproduce:

Thanks for the info! I have a fix for that, so I guess I'll have to release another update soon...

As for a hint: there's a bush below the Great Hall you have to interact with...


Thanks, and I finished it!  Another great game.  Looking forward to part 3.


The thing you need to do in the interface is really unintuitive. I spent a long time going through every option in the menus before trying the simpler thing. That thing doesn't work on any other bush, and there are at least two things that do work on other vegetation elsewhere that don't work here.

Figuring out a puzzle is great, but this felt more like fumbling with the interface and trying to read the developer's mind without context, and that didn't land well.

But I loved the game, and can't wait until #3!

(1 edit) (+1)

I can't figure out how to cut through the Grim Forest blockage (hints anyone?)  
But while searching the world for an solution, I found a small continuity bug:  Sebastian is back here in Maypole, but I'm supposed to be rescuing him elsewhere

Oops... I'd better fix that...

(1 edit) (+1)

Dec 25th is not a day for fixing game bugs, relaaax.
That said, Dec 25th *IS* a day for everyone else to give me a hint on the Grim Forest blockage. :)

Ah, try buying a small axe...



I love your games, I find myself 40 years back when Commodore 64 was the computer that all young people dreamed of having. What nostalgia. I love your stories, the gameplay is perfect. The graphics of your games are inspired and plunge us into worlds full of dreams and magic. A beautiful game made by a talented programmer. Thank you

Hi, I'm stuck at the part where Lia gets sick - visiting her does nothing, I've talked to everybody (I think) and nothing helps. What am I missing? I understand from the other comments that I'm supposed to make a potion but I can't get to the part where that's my objective. 


Try using purify spell on her. It is the first step :)

Thanks, that worked! 

You're welcome. Sometimes what to do is kinda obvious.

Sarah, you should (would you?) release a cover for your games, for anybody (like me) who loves to make a cartridge for every game, 3D print a plastic shell for the cartridge and slap a fancy cover on it  :-) 


Very good game, thank you. This game and Zeta Wing 2 also made it into my latest "Great games to play on Commodore 64 in 2023, my top 10 games" -video. So congratulations! 馃檪


very good

Hi there! I'm willing to make a translation of this game into Spanish if you'd like :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hmm...   the REMIND option says to go to Chaeton.  Shouldn't this gate be open?

Traveling to other parts of the map is done by using the horse in the stable. This is located south on this section of the screen.

(1 edit)

The horse is gone though (sorry, I should have mentioned that).

No problem, looks like you are further ahead than me. Did you run into any issues with trying to get out of the Baxter home when curing one of the family members with the poison? It feels like I have hit a bug on v1.0.1 where I can't get out of the Baxter home.


V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.

(1 edit) (+1)

Woohoo!  The v1.0.2 fix does indeed put Alyssa's horse back in the stable.  How'd you figure that out without me sending you my saved game file?  Thanks, I'm back in the saddle (so to speak). :)


This version fixes my issue with getting trapped inside the Baxter house during the CU Poison quest, thanks.


Awesome and very comprehensive game for this system with a lot of attention to detail. RPG fans will get their money's worth here. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:52:45. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 馃檪


"Grain Stores" typo?


Version 1.0.2: The sign for the graveyard (from Fletcher's and the smithy) says "east," when the graveyard is west.

Also, did you mean for the inn in Chaeton to reset all the plants and fish? That sets up an exploitable loop for infinite gold and supplies/equipment....


I'm glad it does, because without that inn resetting stuff, I wouldn't have had mint leaves for branwen's dream eye potion (since a different character had harvested the mint that day).


Hello. I noticed a typo in the game. When you speak with Garsille, in the dialog box you can read "Garsile". See attached screenshot.


I noticed another typo. When you're going to ask some help from Ghroda, Sebastian tells you he will wait "ouside" . See attached screenshot.


Hi & thanks for a cool sequel to a great game. [SPOILER ALERT] However I am stuck in Clarissa's house with Smokey with no way out after activating and reading the grimoire which reacts, then Briley says, "It's done", then when I read the grimoire again, I can see the cu.poison recipe, but Briley is stuck in the house with the door shut. When I use the menu with "Remind", Briley keeps saying, "I should probably look inside the barrow grimoire". When I interact with it next to the bed, I can see the recipe, but nothing else happens. To top it off, poison keeps taking -3 out of my life force. Using version 1.0.1. Some help, plz? :)

[SOLVED] Duh, I need to select it in menu, Items. :D

After done that thing you go any further ? I have a problem immediately after making the potion  you had found in the grimoire... Tried everything but stuck forever in the home.

(1 edit)

Well I got out of the house since the door opened after reading the grimoire and selecting it from the menu, but now it seems I don't have all the necessary ingredients to make the cu.poison, so now, I am stuck again.

you should speak with Branew and she will unlock a new part of the map.. where you can find the missing element ( the others are at the town market)

I already had that new map part gone thru but missed something either way, for example water flasks that I used against the lifeforce drain, I need to check the market for the rest. Thanks!

(2 edits)

Hi... After making the cu.poison  i got stuck inside Clarissa home.. no way to get out...  any one got the same problem ?  Well I edit and try to add details : after mixed the "poison cure" Sebastian go on his way and Briley can move freely around the town but can't do anything,, near to the door of Clarissa's home is triggered an Event with Rasequin then Briley is forced to go inside, the door suddenly closes and then is impossible go out, Clarissa weirdly said "go bed we speak tomorrow" and interacting with the bed the grimoire appear. It is possible heal the daoughter but then nothing change...   look some kind of bug but reading other post i see some player already beat the game, so, weird...

How did you make the poison? Who did you talk to it about to know that you had to make it? I am stuck at this stage at the moment.


the cu.poion spell appear automatically in the grimoire after looking around for the village.

Deleted 106 days ago

I am now getting this issue as well on v1.0.1. After the cut scene with Rasequin, Briley goes in side, cures one of the Baxter family members but Clarissa insists that we go to bed, but we can't as we are still holding the Grimore and cannot put it away.

V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.


Clarissa shouldn't be there, so something has gone wrong...

I'm working on v1.0.2 now to fix this.


V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.


Completed the game ...now we need part 3 :) Loved it ! Excellent work Sarah :)


Loved it too, even if it was a little more difficult than the first game.

Hi, sorry if i write to you but reading that you complete the game make me asking for an help ...  ! I'm stuck inside the home immediately after making the " Cure poison "   potion. I need to understand if this is a bug that happen only to me ... or i not understand something (to have more details read my unanswered post in this same page..) thank you...


Are people sick inside the home (green color) ? If so you have to use cure on each one.

Hi, thank you for the answer...! no no, is immediately after make the poision, Briley speak to rasequin and then go inside clarissa home,  here is possible cure the child.. but then is impossible go out from the home. Clarissa said "go to bed"  but is impossible also go to bed... Look really like a bug because is nosesnse said "go to bed"  during the day and with the village  full of dead bodies

V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.


Thank you ! ( but still weird other people seem had completed the game so, if is a bug it not happen everytime but is triggered by something  i did )


I confirm that now is ok , thank again


Can't wait to play the 2nd part!


Super impressive as always Sarah!


Ms. Avory, I bow to you! I love your work and have purchased every game published here so far. Thank you for the really great work and please never stop!


Once again, calling for help. I'm locked in Lord Grey's town. I cannot find Joan after searching for her for at least 10 minutes.

Any tip to find her? Thanks a lot!


Try exploring the bottom right part of the village, to the right of the main gates.

Thanks a lot.

By the way, I find the Lord Grey's town really long. I'm in for nearly 1 hour and half... I find it a little boring. Let's hope some action will happen soon :)

I'm trying to play only 1 hour a day in order to avoid some weariness and to enjoy playing your game.


Ha! I have never completed the 1st part. This looks great! Time to try again.

I completed the first game and the second is harder sometimes.

I am stuck at confronting the Dark Spirit in the Deep Forest. Even when I manage to finally get to the place with my party, I get killed by the boss. I guess I have missed some important step and don't have necessary magic item or something. I may need to start the 1st part from the beginning.

Just read with care the dialog. You'll get your answer. Fighting is not always the best choice in this game. You'll get past it easily after that.


I think it is best if you try to finish the first game first, because the second one continues where the first one did end. The game is based on books, it's like skipping many chapters in a book if you start with the sequel now.


Hello. I'm looking for some help. I'm stuck in the "poison quest". I need parsley to brew a potion but I did not find it, looking nearly everywhere. A tip is very welcomed :)



Try going to town to buy it...

(4 edits) (+1)

Oops! Do not think about  it. Thanks a lot for the tip!

Edit: now I cannot finish the quest in the desolated village. Got killed every time on the second or third fight... Ouch.

Edit 2: nevermind, I found the hidden boxes and I managed my way through these fights. It was hard but I get to it :)

Where do I go or who I need to speak to in order to find out why the villagers are sick? Been everywhere and spoken to everyone but no luck.


You're amazing. I didn't think we'd ever see a sequel. This is the secret best Christmas gift. Thank you so much Sarah. Instant purchase! I hope that you and your family are well and that everything is great. Have an amazing holiday period and try to enjoy some time off!

Thanks! I'm going to relax a bit now. Took some effort to get the game done, but now I can rest for a bit.


I have no doubt! The last 10% of game dev always seems to take 90% of the time, It's really (really) tough to even finish a project. Oh my gosh, that intro is so good. And the music is so memorable and heartwarming. After a tough week, you've made my weekend.


I recorded the first half-hour of gameplay from Briley Witch Chronicles 2 from real hardware. I felt right at home again, flashback to 2021! Can't wait to play further. 馃檪


Keep up the great work! Bought this earlier today, hoping to have time to play it during Christmas vacation... :)


Meow! This is a happy surprise! Thank you so much for making this amazing game! The first one already blew the minds of us, and it sure did blow the mind of the Commodore 64, too :3.

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