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Briley Witch Chronicles is a Japanese-inspired RPG for the Commodore 64, based on the Briley Witch series of novels.


Follow the adventures of Briley, a modern day girl lost in a strange new world...

“When Briley Forester is torn from her world and dumped into the backward village of Maepole, she discovers that being a witch is hard, and that Smokey, her grumpy talking cat, knows more about men than she does. 

Aided by an ancient grimoire, only by learning the powers of witchcraft can she ever hope to survive. 

But her journey is fraught with danger. The powerful Whitehead family, haters of witches, will stop at nothing to be rid of her. 

And lurking within the forest, the dark spirit lies in wait, ready to strike...” 

Take control of Briley as she explores her new life, aided by Smokey, her grumpy talking cat - and best friend. 


  • Japanese-inspired RPG, with full-screen scrolling.
  • Hours and hours of gameplay (16+ with normal play).
  • Story-driven, following the plot of the first four Briley Witch novels.
  • Turn based combat, also with cats! And cats can learn new skills...
  • Gather ingredients to make powerful potions.
  • Lots of characters to talk to.
  • Supports 2-button C64GS or compatible joysticks.
  • Can be played entirely with a one-button joystick.
  • Save/load to either cartridge or disk.
  • Includes a full manual.
  • PAL and NTSC compatible.
  • TheC64 Mini & Maxi compatible.

NB: When using an Ultimate 64 or a 1541 Ultimate cartridge, please use Save To Disk instead of Save To Cart as although the game reports the Save To Cart as successful, it doesn't actually save anything and you will lose progress.


Programming, graphics, and sound by Sarah Jane Avory.

Sprite portraits, additional sprites, and bitmap touch-up by by Paolo Rathjen.

(C) 2021 Witchsoft.


SALES TAX or VAT will be added to your order at checkout.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.6.crt (EasyFlash) 665 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.5.crt (EasyFlash) 665 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.4.crt (EasyFlash) 665 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.3.crt (EasyFlash) 665 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.2.crt (EasyFlash) 633 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.1.crt (EasyFlash) 633 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.crt (EasyFlash) 633 kB
Briley Witch Chronicles - Manual.pdf 8 MB
Briley Witch Chronicles - Manual (printer friendly).pdf 6 MB

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Briley Witch Chronicles - A C64 Japanese inspired RPG HIT from Sarah Jane Avory is coming to the Amiga



Just made it to the end! Wonderfull game! But I had a hard time to understand how to put the Mystical box on the ground! 


Congratulations on being BastichB's #1 game for the C64 of 2021!


I just beat the game.,. Wow.. can't wait to see the sequel. Worth every $. There could be some small improvement here and there in the storytelling. But for a one person project it is FANTASTIC.

Just a few little question. I got 2 stepstones but never found a place to use them.

And where can thyme and cayenne be found for the MP Potions ?

Ahh and  so sad that the "Haunted Forest" animated graphics no longer appear after the "escape sequence".. I really loved the creepy athmosphere of the trees :-D

You need the stepping stones to get the thyme. The cayenne is in a forest where you wouldn't expect to find cayenne peppers.

Thank you. Time for a replay ^^

Might need to spell it out even more for me Sue as I still never found the cayenne...

I have an issue with the feature "continue" in the very beginning. I've started playing with 1.0.3 and I am able to choose "continue" a game and afterwards I can go down to "drive 8".
Today I wanted to "migrate" to the latest version 1.0.6. What I see is that from 1.0.4 on-wards when I try to choose "drive 8" the game returns to the title screen so that I have no chance to continue playing from a save that is located on disk.
I am using the C64.emu emulator on a Open Pandora handheld, and I will try other options that I have today (e.g. Ultimate 64).

Sorry for the noise, it's working like a charm on the Ultimate 64 so it must be something emulator specific.

In VICE you have this kind of problem when there isn't a disk mounted in the chosen drive.


Thanks @Giovi for your advice. As I know in the meantime it was my bad: the emulator changed a few settings back to the defaults after I have chosen the new crt file. I am using JiffyDos and e.g. "True Drive Emulation" was set to false then as well as some control settings. Once I had set them again correctly also the emulator setup was working again.


Great game! Can't wait for the sequel!

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Well...I just battled with Kane, now without spoiling...someone must do something...I undestood what...but all the places I choose are the wrong ones...any hints? I can't go anywhere and I really don't know where to do what I have to do...


not yet there…Ember must do something seems

Use ember skill on center

Ok sorry, I tried everywhere, also near the center, but not centered enough ahahah, thanks a lot!



I beat Kane! But I missed two foxes along the way. And I never did manage to find any thyme anywhere. I found the cayenne just fine, but I looked just about everywhere and couldn't find any hint of the thyme. There's one water obstacle that I thought I had a way across, but my solution didn't seem to work; perhaps the thyme was on the other side of that?

That's what I tried to do! But it wouldn't let me place the stepping stones. Oh, wait, I didn't notice the matching plants on both sides of the river. That's really subtle.


I still have this issue, but I think I'm the only one in the known universe. I'm using Paul Willingham's PSX-C64 adapter that allows the use and re-mapping of buttons on a PS2 controller on a Commodore/Atari found here: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/222492872670

And here's the manual:


I love using a PS2 controller thumbstick with my C64 and have separate buttons for up (for jumping games), down (for ducking), fire, and rapid fire. I use this controller with Zeta Wing, Soul Force, and Neutron without issue.

But when I use this adapter with Briley, it seems like the "back" function is constantly being activated. On the main menu, when I try and select "New Game" or "Continue", it goes to the next screen then immediately sends me right back to the main menu. 

During a game, if I plug the adapter in, it appears as if I'm just holding down the fire button, as it goes into the options menu, then right out, then back in, then right out, etc.

When I run a joystick tester program, I don't see the firebutton being pressed repeatedly.

Could this be some sort of firebutton polling issue? Again, this controller setup works just fine with your other games. I really love my controller setup (it took me a long time to get something I really liked) and want to use it with Briley.

Maybe allow an option that only allows "back" from the keyboard? I'd prefer to use a button like everyone else, but if I can't get that work, then I can live with the keyboard route.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Sounds like something is messing with the POTX line on the joystick port (which is how the 2nd button code works).

I'll have to add an option to disable the 2nd joystick button reader.

(2 edits) (+1)

The fix in v1.0.6 worked! Thank you so much, Sarah! Your quick response is another reason to be a fan and keep buying your work. Now on to adventure with Briley and Smokey!

Not exactly a solution for your issue, however....
I agree with you about the thumb joystick. I did this... thing.... using a broken PS2 controller, an empty shell that come from a bunch of WII + accessories, the cable of a broken joystick  and some (rather awful) 3D print. I just added a couple of diodes in order to separate the joystick potentiometers channels. It works as an Atari controller.

The link to the manual is a private link, unfortunately.

AFAIK, the PS2 controller is a matter of signals sent on the data line (in example like a keyboard does), and not just separate lines from open/close switches. The adapter must have a micro-controller inside that transforms the PS2 analog signals into open/close signals.

So, if it doesn't work, you should contact the seller to obtain a solution or a replacement.

Deleted 8 days ago

I've just put out a release v1.0.6 which has [F3] for disabling the 2nd fire button reader code.


Deleted 8 days ago

Thanks for the update Sarah and the option of a second joystick button! This game rocks!


Spelling nit: "Southern Planes" => "Southern Plains." (Unless they're meant to somehow be a separate plane of existence.)


Thanks, just fixed that!


Reporting a bug in 1.0.5. Briley gets stuck in many places, like the riverside or while exiting the Chandlers’ home: I can use the joystick to face any directions and the buttons, but she can’t move.


Sorry, that last version was a bit broken. Re-downloading v1.0.5 should fix it.


Loving the game so far Sarah! 

Is there anyway to re-map the 'menu' button to the space bar? I'm using a 2 button joystick which uses space as the secondary fire button. Thanks :)

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Which Joystick model do you have?

Hold down fire button for 1 sec. to enter/back game menu.(regular Joy for Atari/C64, with 1 fire button. They may have more fire buttons, but they are all connected to one pin number 6 )

diagram for proper 3x Button Joy C64GS:


It's a custom version which uses Port 1 fire (space) as a second button.

Thanks for the diagram but that doesn't help me. I know you can hold down button 1 but that feels quite fussy when I have a second button there to potentially use. Cheers.

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I see. OKAY.

I can only advise this:

-plug the second FIRE to pin no.2 (direction DOWN in Joy port 1)(disconnect from pin No.6)

-in the game, set the menu to be under the [<-] key (arrow pointing left)

the downward direction (activated with the second Joy button) on Joy port 1 will open and close the menu

I assumed that you made this custom Joystick yourself.


I can add that, it's not a problem.

That would be amazing! Thank you Sarah!!  

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If you hit F1 to toggle to the alternate keyboard set, you'll be able to use a 2nd joystick button that's wired to press spacebar.

I’m at a loss here. Where could I use those candles? I tried every place, but it keeps saying that this is the wrong place.

Facing up to your bedside table

Thanks. Now that I think about it, I never tried there.


How's the RNG treating you so far? I start most battles surprised, in some sections (forest at night & nightmare world) even all of them. And when my trio of Briley, Sebastian and Smokey don't get ambushed, more often than not all three miss their attacks. Effectively cancelling out my first turn and they could have just getting surprised anyway.

Am i just having a bad luck streak or is the RNG that stacked against you?

(2 edits)

I had such events too.

There is probably a simple/normal random number generator here. So it is very possible to have a few / a dozen! times with rows of "surprise".

For example, the "Advanced" ;) RNG in the XCOM game is done like this: if there is a 50% chance of taking damage, we are hit. This is when the game "cheats" to the advantage of the player, and the chance of another second hit is, for example, 25% (despite the fact that it displays 50%)

It is the same when the player attacks and has a 50% chance, if he misses, the next attack has 60% (and it shows 50%)

This is just so as not to irritate the players.

The % numbers I gave are just an EXAMPLE, not the actual values in the Xcom game ;)

In the revamped recent XCom games by Firaxis, what happens is that the game produces a "seed list", and generates all the random numbers between 0 and 100 in a long, long list. When it needs to use a number it takes the next one off the stack to compare to your action, be it firing a weapon, capturing an alien etc. 

In the first game, the stack was fixed for the duration of the game. So even if you reloaded and attempt the action again, it would always be the same outcome. There was an option in the second game to "scum save", which meant when you reloaded a save game, it would regenerate the random number list. This did make completing Impossible difficulty a little easier!

So *cracks knuckles* completing my review for Zzap64, hoping the game makes issue #5...

Feature suggestion for Briley 2, based on what you could do for the Bard's Tale. If you have completed Briley 1, allow people to import their save game into Briley 2 so she starts at the same stats you finished with, and items etc. If you don't have a save game, you get a pre-ordained fixed stat character.


Wow, what a game! I kept going all the way through dealing with Ghroda in my first sitting, and this is rapidly finding its way onto my "best C64 games ever" list.

I'd love to see a "Briley Witch 2" and "Briley Witch 3" turn up someday, covering the remaining volumes of the series....

Briley 2 has already been started, and I have plans to make Briley 3 too, to cover all the novels.

Hi just created Acredzfva spell, but I just wasted ingredients...no spell has been created...am I doing something wrong?

It works only when it's the right moment; you have to guess when it is.


Help in defeating the evil spirit. The battle in the deep forest is tough, the random monsters hurt badly...by the time I reach the evil spirit I am 40 HP. There is no way I can stock with herbs to heal myself because they are not respawned. The first attack of the evil spirit causes one hit and I am always defeated, What do I do here?

You're not meant to battle him normally. Try casting one of your recently learned spells.

what spell I should be casting?

Think about what your objective is with this spirit. You had a long conversation with your mentor about them, didn't you?

Yes, but not one of these spells will work. You see I only have missle dart or what not, quickness, and restore. And restore takes away my life to give it to another party member and I have no other party member. I am by myself...so I kill myself to heal myself which results in defeated battle. Quickness results in defeated battle. magic arrow results in defeated battle. Any form of my three spells result in defeated battle. Shooting arrow results in defeated battle.

U have no other party member but.. u have an enemy.

remember what you learn about her: she was never been an evil spirit, so she need some help, more than some fight...  [make love not war LOL]

restore spell, put that spell at the enemy, not at Briley.

you mark to whom you want to donate HP points

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Loving the game so far. I found a minor sequence break though:

After Sebastian shows you the tree stump in the forest, he's supposed to leave the party before you can exit the forest to the south and it should turn night. I went the long way round to the east though, picking up mints and exiting the forest that way.

The conversation didn't happen then, he stays with me and the sun didn't set. I could take him to Clarissa, where he would disappear during the cutscene and then reappear when i regained control. I didn't push it farther then and reloaded, exiting the forest the correct way.

Thanks for the report; this is now fixed on v1.0.5.

I finished the game a second time. I collected 55/56 foxes. I have thoroughly searched each location.

I have no idea where there could be one.

Some hidden room?

Anyone can suggest something?

(3 edits)

At the first pass, I also collected 55/56. So I think I can't find that one fox all the time.

Did someone manage to find all 56 foxes?

Maybe you remember if any of foxes was somehow more difficult to find?

I also counted the fox from "forgotten glade"
Maybe this 56th fox does not exist: D


It does exist, some people have found them all (including myself).

I have an end-game. I searched everything I could at this point. I think it must be somewhere earlier in the game, but I don't know where, I tried to search everything thoroughly from the beginning. I must have searched too poorly .. :)

Does anyone know where the lost sheep is?


West side of the village, in the dead-end path ...


Thank you so much!

I was able to find the sheep quickly enough, but I seem to not be able to find the deep forest.  I think there's bushes blocking the path?

try to inspect these bushes, direction up + fire

Oh I found the deep forest easier than finding the sheep lol! I am reverse of you. A light bulb entered above my head...wasn't there some bushes at the end of the forest on the East side at top right, right beside the mint tea leafs? I am like...wait a second. If I unlocked a path by having the cat open the path for me, why not the same here. But apparently it wasn't a cat that did it, it was my admirer who did it instead. But I was right, it is at the top right corner of the forest after all.

(3 edits) (+1)

Briley stops on fire during a conversation.
checked on v1.0.4 & v1.0.3

the game does not check where Briley is standing during the conversation with Clarisa and she takes a step forward when talking to Leofard.
This is not a fatal error.

But it can be associated with the occurrence of this error:

I thought that was intentional O_O. I did not know that was an error.


Thanks, I've updated v1.0.4 to fix this.

I had noticed Briley and Smokey "jump" downwards on the screen once or twice in the house when the pre ordained chat with Clarissa was going to start, wondering if that was to stop them walking into the fire heh.

Sarah (Houston), we have a problem LOL

I'm running low on MP and also on Life force.
I need to go in the forest to save the child.
If I prepare some hi-potion my MP goes lower and lower.
Now Briley hasn't enough MP to go into the forest, save the child and survive (I tried it many times).

Is there any way to restore the MP without sleeping at night? It's basically the only thing I'm missing in Briley (I'm comparing it with other RPG like i.e. Diablo, where you can find some mana potions that at least help you when you're low on mana).

...and I'm playing at easy level, LOL (I'm feeling a little dumb).

(3 edits) (+1)

Entering the forest from the "meapole: east side" you have a mint leaves bush.

Bush replenishes when you have 3 or less mint leaves in your backpack.

The only way out is to create as many potions and mint tea as possible. And try to cross the forest without using magic, and get out of the fight if possible


If that doesn't help I can give you a fairly simple solution (cheat MP) if you play crt image on Vice emulator.

Backup your crt image file and/or save disk

Run game, Load save

Run Vice Monitor (Alt+H)

m$7e3c (check current value Briley MP)

>$7e3c 50 (set 80 MP points in decimal)

m$7e3c (check current value Briley MP)

close monitor


Briley MP     $7e3c

Cat SK         $7e3d

Mint leaves $7e91

Catmint     $7e96

I did not look for other values

Thank you!
I wish to play fair, without cheat; but I will do if I won't get the rid of the forest!


When I played the game for the first time, I also made similar mistakes. Now that I know the mechanics of the game I have H.POTIONx9, MINT TEAx9, CATBOOSTx9 in my backpack. I'm almost on the same stage of the game as you. I use spells sparingly because it is easier to recover HP than MP.

It is important to collect all the plants every day, you can not collect the mint leaves far in the forest because it is not worth it due to the fighting.


A big backpack LOK.
I'm thinking to step back before the last night (if I still have a saved slot allowing to do that) so I can make more HP before to sleep.


oh and don't forget to always charge the amulet with energy from the moon ;)

Hi Sarah, and thanks for crafting a modern gem for the breadbox! 

I'm just getting started, running on MiSTer which allows for saving to disk. When I mount a blank disk and attempt to save, I receive a "Save successful" message, but then the slot appears empty and I remain in the save menu. Nothing saves to that slot... would you have any tips for me? 

Also tried saving to Cart but I get a "Save unsuccessful" message there, perhaps as there's no physical cartridge in place? 

Using latest version v1.0.3. Thanks again! Game looks really charming and I'm looking forward to getting into it! 

Hem... I have a problem, I must put the Mystical Box at the center of the star circle... but  can't place it. I tried initially in the center and then I test  every single spot of the room ... Someone here know if  I miss something ? Thank you :P 

No Use Item, only joy fire button in the center.


It work!, thank you

I must have lost some info... Clarissa is asking me one more pine cone (that I can't find in the forest) while Smokey is telling me to find the glade, but I don't know what glade I'm have to search and why (I don't know who told me about that).
So maybe the pine cone is in the glade...? What glade? Why am I looking for it? Who am I? LOL

I unlocked the cat statue in the secret glade and found the three chests (I thought there was some better secret behind the cat, what a delusion, LOL ) but it seems this is not the glade I must to find, since Smokey still tells me to find the glade. And I can't find any useful glade, both in the forest and in the village.

Sarah, there's a little detail you maybe would improve in the sequel: if you loose a dialog, you can't get back on it (afaik). Just a mistake, an unwanted double click on the fire button and a potential important info is lost for ever.. Maybe a "repeat/see the last dialog" menu option...? Just a thought.


Try the left hand side of the clearing where Sebastian showed you

Gosh, it was very well hidden, I didn't think to check every single hedge. Thank you!

The game, to that point, had already given you a couple of "hidden entrances" via the same type of bush that I naturally went to explore that part in the clearing with the stump.

(1 edit) (+3)

As coding a complex game for the C64 won't make you rich, I'd like to thank you for making this game, Sarah! I'm enjoying the game a lot and it is for sure of added value for the already rich game library of the Commodore 64.


This was a labour of love for me.


The part when Smokey pukes while Jorin is talking is simply amazing ROTFL


Phew … stuck somewhere … 
*** SPOILER*** 

What is required to do so Ember clears the ground at the forgotten glade ? I am running around there now for 40 minutes with trial and error … 


Stand on the central stone and explode...


Hello, Sarah, excellent game! Possible bug and/or me just being stupid (probably the latter). I've just come to the glade to mix the potion to help the blacksmith, but I can't figure out how. It won't let me do anything with the old pot, whether I'm standing adjacent to the tree stump or not. If I click on the spell, it just gives an error sound. If I select it in the Grimoire, I can see the spell, but it won't let me do anything with it. It seems I should be using the pot first, but it doesn't seem to let me. Sorry if this is a repeated question, but I didn't want to read too many other questions for fear of spoilers.


Try standing to the right of the tree stump and then clicking when facing it.


Oh, hey, I just downloaded the manual and saw that I needed to stand to the right of it. I hurried back to my post to try and delete it so as not to trouble you, but I was too late! Great game though! I'm having a blast and I'm loving the attention to detail here. How many hours would you say went into it?


Took about 2 and a half years to make. It went through many changes, and I had to develop all my own tools too. That's why I'm confident a sequel won't take anywhere near as long.

(4 edits)

Bug / crash

Sometimes, after talking to Clarissa (then when the door to the house closes automatically, I think when Briley automatically takes one step back after a conversation.), Briley and the cat disappear from the screen.
You can only enter the game menu.

Saving at this point, then load crashes game.

Difficult to recreate every few tries.

Vice Emulator.
while playing ultimate2+ I did not observe such a thing

(1 edit)

To be precise. This is not a complete crash, after load you can enter the options menu. The music can still be heard


I have finished the game. I am very impressed with the amount of work involved in making this game.
It's really amazing.

The place where these foxes are is kinda weird.

(2 edits)

Looks like 3 foxes are standing on top of the wall


I completed this game last night. It's fantastic! The story keeps you wondering what will happen next.  The graphics are A+ for the Commodore 64. Really enjoyed the music and sound effects. The "Remind" command is super helpful to keep progression going, especially after a break. I played my first JRPGs on the NES, despite owning a Commodore 64. JRPGs just were not and still aren't common on the 64. Remembering a lot of experiences with the NES, they had far less animation and of course the sound never matched the 64s SID tunes in Briley Witch.  It's truly a work of art for the C64 and definitely a game you should try if you're a fan of the genre.


I'm still playing but I agree with you, the game is awesome. A masterpiece, the sound is great and the graphic absolutely amazing (the Smokey's sprites are simply wonderful :-) and the care for the details is remarkable.
I only wish have the chance to stop the music sometimes (keeping  just the FX) because it splints in my mind and I keep whistling it the whole day LOL.
As I told, it's unbelievable what Sarah can get out of a C64 (not only Briley... I'm talking about Zeta Wing and Neutron too). I hope she will release a sequel (or another adventure) soon. Come on, Sarah! Keep programming! :-)


Started working on the sequel...




Great news!

(11 edits)

I'm stuck in this place, what do i need to do now and where to go?


(Briley) I'm sorry, but i have to cast the vision spell again..
(Smokey) Oh,no! Ya not serious, are ya?
(Briley) Er... Yeah...
(Smokey) Oh, wonderful...


Oh dear ..


hmm ..

This is the second time the game prevents me from continuing to play. This time I missed  one pcs "Mint Leaves".

I used them to make a few teas.

And there is probably no way to get them.

I solved the problem for me by editing my Save ($ 7e91 amount of mint leaves)


Rethinking after 9  hours of play in normal mode.

It's not as cool as after many hours of gameplay we will accidentally run out of some key item (which seemed to be an ordinary item at all times) and have to start all over again.
jrpg are not like that.
There is always a way out of such a situation, sometimes tedious, But there is.
The game seems to focus on avoiding fights and using items sparingly. To avoid a situation where there is no way out (no MP -hackfixed by v1.03, or no key item)
I'm going to finish the whole game, but I already know that I will often edit the save file.


well... I understand what you mean, I had the same feeling too, sometimes...  BUT....

remember, Sarah wrote this thing alone and it run on the C=64, so she had to face with some limits:

1) lack of beta testers (I guess); she's trying to do her best to solve some little problems we can find along the way. If you're a programmer (I mean: professional programmer) you know that you can check everything you can think about for days; but when you release your work, your customers will hit in many and many bugs after just few hours (or minutes). It seems to me the game is quite good, almost without bugs. She did a great work (and a lot of test).

2) she must to pack everything inside an 8 bit, 1983 computer...

3) it's terrible hard to write the rules, get a good rhythm, make everything working and  still have a playable and enjoyable RPG game. There are some many rules, some many details....

4) maybe it's her first RPG game, must to admit she did an awesome work, all alone. Maybe the sequel will fix some little problems like that, keeping the game more enjoyable.

I will try to play all the game without cheating (must to be said I'm playing in easy mode... no stress, I'm growing old LOL).

Now I know that I must to be careful using my resources. Lesson learnt.

I'm loving the game. I'm playing it with VICE, since my Kung Fu didn't arrive yet, so I haven't that feeling of a C64 game... it seems a more advanced game than a C64 game.

I agree in 100%

I am not a professional programmer.

I know a little bit about commodore basic and machine programming.

I am aware of the limitations of this computer.

The mint (and most other herbs) regrow every day, so had you picked EVERY single mint on the map? If not, you could have gone off and gotten some more. But I agree that if the game knows in advance you'll need an item that day, maybe logic check it out and prevent you using it.


If you run low on Mint Leaves, the game respawns the ones in the forest. There's a back way into the forest so they're easy to get.

(2 edits)

had you picked EVERY single mint on the map?

Yes, all mint leaves.

maybe if the plants kept returning from time to time.

or better, every certain number of character steps. (possible problem with correct operation of the time clock in c64)

or an NPC item store

or get items in a winning fight

some simple and effective solution.

They do return every day. But as Sarah's comment notes, apparently the forest ones respawn


If you run low on Mint Leaves, the game respawns the ones in the forest. There's a back way into the forest so they're easy to get. I did think about players running out of mint, and also made sure water flasks are always available.

I have 3 pcs mint leaves

+1 pcs is needed to cast spell

does the bush appear in the forest in that case?


Yes, they will respawn if you have less than 4 left.

(1 edit) (+1)

Forgive me.

My mistake. I didn't try to enter the forest again, my HP and MP were too low. And I didn't want to risk it. :)
I am continuing to play this amazing game


Come on people... just save every morning after waking up... if your day goes terribly wrong restore last save.. it's not hard... gather important ingredients every day... I have like 30+ of everything plus minimum 5no hi potions and 5no cat boosts and haven't edited any saves...  run out of mana once early in the game but restored save and everything went great on second attempt..

I just played here like regular jrpg, more fight, and I have now 30000exp

And I should only play like the plot leads and then have 15,000.

Right now I only do the essentials, and have ~ 30pcs miscellaneous items.

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Hi Sarah!  :)

I'm playing with V1.0.3

I have used all my magic points and cannot recover any, even when I win a fight and I win some magic points, the counter remains at zero. I am stuck because impossible to sleep, clarissa sends me back each time to continue my adventure: I have to go see the dark damned spirit in the deep forest. Is it normal that Briley's magic counter remains at zero even with 2 magic points gained after a fight?

This game is purely adictive, I can't stop it !!!!



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I know where is the deep forest, this is not the question  :)

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You haven't read everything carefully :)
Mayhem2 days ago(+1)

Don’t think using an attack spell here, but a different spell ;)
Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.3 Released

  • If player is out of magic when facing 1st dark spirit, give them 2 MP so they can complete the battle.
  • Adjusted vision spell to not need any MP, just in case the player has inadvertently run out of magic.


I know that. 

My question was :

Is it normal when I win a fight and I have a reward of 2 magic points, my counter remains at zero

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the reward is not the amount of +MP
but the amount of +MP MAX
+SK MAX for Cat.

The reward is a raising of the maximum value for MP, life, etc. but it doesn't affect the actual value.
You get +2 MP when you face the spirit. It's everything you need.
Make love, not war ;-)

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Hi Sarah !   Thank you so much for this awesome game !   I would love to continue my adventure but unfortunately I'm not sure if I run into a bug or maybe I'm just dumb.  I'll try to explain my situation the best I can.

Last thing I did was a basket delivery to Lynet. Apparently I have a new spell to test but I can't go further...  

If I use Remind I'm told that if I return the melted pot to Calibor, He can make my Amulet ...   

This message appear at the end of the remind since the last 2-3 actions I did..  I have a melted Pot and I think I have to go see Calibor so I get another Cauldron to make the new spell but finally I'm not very sure if that's the next thing to do.

The thing is that Calibor wasn't at home in the day... now the night turned and his house still empty...  Is it normal that the house's door to the north of Calibor's house is open but I can't enter it ?

If I want to go sleep I can't, and Clarissa say's "Don't you have a new spell to try" ..

I searched around de map for more than an hour but don't find anything.       Hope you can help me so I can continue my quest... 

For Info I was playing on v1.01 and moved to the v1.03 by saving my game on disk ... the situation is the same on both version.

I'm sure I just missed something..

ED:  just to add info, after the delivery I got the short-cut to home from smokey, I got the AgredzFva in the chest and Pillar Candles from Clarissa..


Hi! You need to use Briley's cauldron, located just north of the Baxter's  house, and mix the "Agredzfva" potion.


oh, thank you very much !  I think I explored every corner but forgot to go there ;-)  I also remember there was a hint about this before but forgot about it.  

Thanks again I can continue the adventure.

Have a good day

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I'm wondering how Briley could get some magic power. I've seen she got 100% when she sleeps (at least it seems to me) but I'm looking a way to find the dark forest and that damn'd day never ends, it come the night in the real life while I was playing, but it's still a sunny day in the game LOL and Briley ran out of mana...

Picked up one potion that restores MP. I'm sure you will learn a spell to make said potion too, haven't got that far yet if you can.

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more difficult solution:

Save game to disk.
Copy disk (backup)
Assembler monitor (Action Replay cartridge or something)
Load Save File BW1SAVE[X].DAT to $7e0e-$7fd6
for example:
$7e3c = Briley MP
$7e3d = Cat SK

delete old save file
save $7e0e-$7fd6, with proper file name

Thank you :-) Actually I don't like to cheat, it takes all the pleasure to solve the puzzles playing fair LOL
However I found and defeat the dark spirit (not too hard, especially because I could count only with the 2 MP of the release 1.0.3 so SPOILER ALERT of course there isn't much I could do with so little mana...  I failed the first time (wrong target) but at second try I succeeded).

Sarah, I'm every day more amazed about what you are able to do with a Commodore 64, that's unbelievable, indeed. Congrats!  
Please do the sequel and try to finish it asap, I wish I had it ready before to end this chapter :-)

I cannot find the clearing for the mages. Anyone know where I need to go to find it?

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from the Baxter's (Riley's) home: little south, on the river path, then west.

Is that the one with the broken bridge? I cannot pass through the broken bridge. How do I fix it?

No, it's on the same screen as the Baxter house, on the left hand side by the villager.

I couldn't find it. Is it possible you could show me screenshot, please?

Is that the one with a cave blocked by cat statue saying I need to equip special equipment?

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