OMG, over 1000 sold! BWC v1.0.8 Released

Briley Witch Chronicles has sold over 1000 copies!

To celebrate, I've listened to some comments and updated the game:

  • Random number generator has been changed to improve combat as there were at times too many misses.
  • Some herbs will respawn when the player gets low so that health potions can be brewed.
  • Some of the Remind text has been changed to help the player more.
  • A Game Complete screen has been added at the end of the game.


Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.8.crt (EasyFlash) 673 kB
Jan 19, 2022

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Congrats! It shows how great the game is. It is a wonderful outcome for an indie game for the console of the bygone era. Well done!


Thank you !!! This game is really great,


Kudo's for keeping to update this already amazing game!


Congratulations!  Thank you for such a wonderful game.



Keep rocking! :D


Congratulations - it's a fantastic game and wonderful to see so many people are buying it. Thank you for all the incredible C64 content you're creating Sarah!


Well, I have to play it once again for

1) finding all the foxes
2) See the complete game screen at the end

Life is hard sometimes :D

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Congratulations Sarah! That's a magic number! :D And I really appreciate how you continue to improve your lovely game. I take it my savegames are compatible to this version?


Yes, if you're saving to disk there won't be a problem.


Perfect! Thanks! :)