Briley Witch Chronicles v1.1.0 Released

Upgraded the music player, plus updated some of the music with songs from Briley 2.

  • Added ANALYSE combat spell - shows the LF and vulnerabilities of the selected target.
  • There's now a magic chest in the village - if the player runs out of MP.ELIXIR, the chest will respawn.
  • Fixed a case where Smokey wasn't present in the party but spoke during a cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue with Leofard saying something before he should have...
  • Fixed a few minor text issues.


Briley Witch Chronicles v1.1.0.crt (EasyFlash) 673 kB
Dec 20, 2023

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Great to see the first one is still being supported, thank you for that!

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Hi, I have just purchased BW1 and found version 1.1.0. Hangs at the beginning of the games. You are reminded to find the cat. You walk to the cat and stop to the left of the cat. The box about press fire to interact with an object appears, you press fire and the game hangs. Does this every time. I have tried re-downloading the .crt file and replaced it but it still happens every time. If I do the same with version 1.0.9 then it works correctly.

PS. If you start a new game with v1.1.0 and ignore walking to the cat but walk to the telephone the hint box appears, you press fire and the game hangs, so it appears to be an issue with the hint box. Again this does not happen with 1.0.9. 

System: Miyoo Mini Plus, Onion OS, Emulator Retroarch.

Thanks for that! There was a small issue in v1.1.0, but I've fixed it now and uploaded a corrected version.


Thank you so much!

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Hi Sarah, are any news about the Amiga Version of  Briley Witch Chronicles?


Hi Sarah. Thank you for the update. Is a restart required or can I load and continue my 1.0.9-savegame in this version?


You can load a 1.0.9 save game from disk and continue, no restart required.

Perfect! Thank you!