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Henricus refuses to accept any Northern Cod if you have more than 5 in your possession.

Is this possible as a disk version ?

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Only Sarah can confirm, but the game is about 700KB large, so that is a minimum of 5 floppies and that would for sure be a lot of disk swapping. Perhaps an 3.5 inch diskette for 1581 might be possible, depends a bit on wether the game requires cartridge ROM to be directly adressable. If you are in need of an Easyflash cartridge, you are welcome to contact me.

Just started playing through this game recently and came across this point in the game. I'm curious is the dialogue supposed to say, we're in another world, or we're on another world? 


I was finally able to finish the game (helped a lot during these first days of quarantine), which I believe is one of the finest releases of 2021. Unforgettable characters, music, atmosphere and lots of cats :) Thank you so much for developing it, I guess many people are awaiting the sequel! 

Just a couple of (very small) aspects could be improved in my opinion: 1) a walking speed setting could be useful, since I would increase it a bit but other players maybe like it as it is; 2) Why do most enemies surprise you in battles? Compared to most JRPGs, the "Surprised!" label appears much more often. Maybe I should just gain more XP in order to approach battles at higher levels, since I notice you are surprised less in the same area when becoming more powerful than your enemies; 3) Some situations require being positioned in a specific tile (perfect example: the box at the end), I would make that requirement a little less strict/more player-friendly, maybe giving a hint or so when reaching the right one. But these are very little tweaks to an almost perfect game.


"Briley Witch" has a great atmosphere, the gameplay is gorgeous. I am 45 years old and I had an atari 800Xl and a commodore 64 when I was young. What memories, my 6 year old daughter loves your games. You are a great programmer !

Started playing the game a day or so ago, and I'm having a save issue. No matter how many times I save, when I go back to the game after a power cycle, all the progress is lost, and I'm back at a pervious save. Playing the game via a backbit pro cartridge and played on both a C64 and C128 (Both NTSC)

Also, would it be possible to change the button layout for the keyboard controls? I find the current layout to be awkward.

The Backbit cartridge only has a partial Easyflash implementation, so I don't think that is a surpise. Just save on floppy.

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I must say Lord Dudic has a strange idea of justice: Briley gets a baseless accusation of dark witchery and must stand trial in the town hall, while the Whiteheads attempt to commit a murder and all they have to do is pay a little bit of money. No trial, just pay, all your sins are forgotten. 10 x the price of a bread delivery... damn... if buying yourself out of a murder crime was so cheap in the real world.... the world would be like the wild-west.


Playing the game once again, in order to find all foxes :)

I noticed a typo in version 1.0.7. When Roana is getting a cat, Smokey talked about being adopted byBriley. From "the sheler" instead of the shelter.

See attached screenshot.


Thanks for that! Just updated v1.0.7 to fix the typo.


You're welcome :)

If I find another typo, I'll tell you.


Just finished the game, and it was generally absolutely lovely, with gorgeous graphics and all well put together. One quite major aspect did, however, quite seriously impact my enjoyment of the game, and my kindest advice would be to try to avoid this phenomenon in the future games in the series.

Namely, the resource starvation. Playing on "normal", which I always do, have the monsters hitting you quite hard, specifically since they level up in mostly the same speed as the player. A typical hit would deplete 1/7th to 1/6th of  my max HP. This is not a problem, and I enjoy the battles not being push-overs, but in some dungeons, I had to use three or even four full-health potions, of which it's only possible to create one per story day. Mostly, it didn't matter, but at some points, I was on the verge of running out of ability to heal myself. Had I not been diligent in gathering herbs at every point I could in the game (even when the story didn't really allow for detours) I would have run a serious risk of ending up with a "cursed save"  - a save game which is impossible to continue from (not enough resources to proceed, and no ability to gather new ones.).

Some 10 to 15 hours in, this worry of resource starvation and the risk of cursed saves and threat of being forced to replay large portions of the story only because I'd run out of healing pots, only grew. In the end, I didn't want to explore or revisit old areas, for fear of new battles that would deplete my ever so shrinking supply of healing pots. I couldn't risk running too low, lest I would find myself in an impossible situation. This unfortunately sapped much of the fun out of the game.

Sure, one can always play on "Easy", but that's not really my point. I'm not after easy battles and push-overs. I appreciate that battles matter, and the difficulty on Normal was well aligned and much satisfactory. But  resource starvation, and specifically the threat of cursed saves, doesn't really have a place in 20 hour long games. I ended up switching to Easy, not relly enjoying the fact that now, no battle really mattered (they really didn't - everything died as I looked at it), but at least I could now explore some and afford detours and revisits without serious worry. It worked as a hotfix, but felt like a "less bad" solution.

Having completed the game, I do suspect that my switch to Easy might have been unnecessary, and that I maybe wouldn't have run out of healing pots either way. That, however, does not make my worry during the game less real. If I could wish, in future games in this series, do not limit the player's ability to recover from battles. Let us be able to visit, explore, revisit and take our time, even if we enjoy battles that matter. If players will have to grind for herbs to achieve this, then so be it. But please don't set a hard limit. The worry to run out and end up in an impossible situation shouldn't be a part of an otherwise fantastic adventure game.

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I will agree partly, Normal was harder than I was expecting, and in some situations, I ran from battles as often as I could. However… that was part of the challenge heh. Also I’m not sure what gave you the impression you could only create one full health potion per story day, I was making as much as I could when possible. Admittedly near the end of the game, I was buying potions from the town shop as I was low on resources to create enough to keep myself going.

It was the scarcity of herbs. One Full Health potion required 3 pieces of 2 herbs, of which is was only possible to pick 3 per day. (It cost 2 of each to make a Hi Potion, and then another one of each to make a Full Health potion out of that)

And money was pretty scarce too, though I admit I had enough for several potions. As I said, it do think my resources would have sufficed in the end, BUT of that, I had no idea while I was playing. So the sense of confinement and fear to paint myself into a corner and end up with a cursed save was very much there, and is did tear very much at the fun of the game. I felt I didn't want to explore, and as I used 2 or 3 potions in a dungeon near the end, I was constantly worried that I'd end up standing before the final battle with too few potions, having to replay the entire game.
In-game worries is one thing. But this was a game-save technical issue, similar to the worry of a crippling bug. Lifting the forced limitations of healing wouldn't have made the game worse; it would have made it much more entertaining.

I guess as soon as I discovered the herb garden, and anywhere that spawned herbs per day, I made sure to try and go there every day to stock up and get reserves. But even then I did run a bit low and used some of the spare cash I had buying full health potions from the shop in the town.

Yep. The herb garden spawned 3 each of the necessary herbs, but a Full Health potion required all 3. In some dungeons at the end, I needed way more than 1 potion to keep up. This ended up stressing me pretty much, worrying that I would run out and end up in a hopeless situation.

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I made a lot of progress - well I think - since my last call for help. I'm stuck in the Forgotten glade. Ember said she will clean the clearing. I suppose using a firebomb spell, but where?

Edit: found the answer on a Youtube video. And I just finished it. It took me around 15 hours to finish on easy skill. A really cool game. Can't wait to see Briley's adventure part 2.

What did you do? Besides to find the youtube video?

I just followed it. Nothing less, nothing more.

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Hey there. I was playing this beautiful game on VICE 3.5 and I used to save to cart all the time, never quitting the emulator. 

Today I had to restart Windows, I quit cleanly but, upon restart, there wasn't any save game on the cart slot. 

I lost 8 hours of progress, I had  just met/saved Alyssa and was going to  search for her grimoire. Any chance that anybody has got a save game file I can use to get back to that point, more or less? If so, please contact me. Thanks in advance. Mick

I recently experienced something similar on a real Easyflash cartridge. The game did report that the save did fail, when trying again, the game did crash. Luckily I made a backup on floppy, but still, a few hours of gameplay are lost.

Haven't you possibly got a save game to share? I don't even know in which format.

I have uploaded my savegame here:

Brilliant! I don't know how to thank you. You better choose the material for the statue I''ll build in your honour :P

By the way, you should upgrade to Vice 3.6 which was released on xmas 2021.

And release notes

I played and finish the game on Vice 3.6. It could help for cartridge management.

Noted, and done. Thank you very much. The snapshot function seems to work better now as well.

It is working better indeed. Just look at all the features added or made better during 3.6 development time. You'll be surprised :D


Congratulations to the VICE team then :)


Just curious. For many hours now, a witch in Chaeton has asked me for some Wild Shroom, and I'm worrying that I've missed something, because I haven't ever found one. Many hours ago, I believe I had an other type of Shroom, but that was found (IIRC) in some treasure chest.

Just wondering if I just have to await finding the Wild Shroom, or if that can be harvested somewhere  I've missed.

Have you visited the Forest Cottage? You'll find them around there.


Hah, the one place I had left to look at. I had been in all the forests, in the plains, and I was just about to go to the forest.
Thanks, but geez... sometimes I feel I should search more thoroughly before I ask. Thanks again!

Thanks! I was looking for it too. Now I have to make my way into Forest caverns... Looks like I'll get my bottom kicked there.


How are the face portraits so detailed?? I didn't know the C64 could do that resolution...


I saw around half a year ago 180 days ago you got a barbarian pixel art from Sven Idle, I was hoping to use it but I have no money can I get a copy from you?


I saw around half a year ago 180 days ago you got a barbarian pixel art from Sven Idle, I was hoping to use it but I have no money can I get a copy from you?


They have put several one-colour sprites onto each other. It's an old trick you can use if you have sprites to spare.


I use 6 hires sprites stacked on top of each other. I have a custom sprite editor that can edit this way.

That is so cool. Thanks guys, I wasn't aware of this technique! The portraits have really good artwork as well as detail.

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I must admitt I need a little bit of assistance got a stuck, ALyssa wants to test her fire resu spell, and Smokey remindes Branwen says somewhere it at a place that are filles with stones, tryied a lof of stoney places I can find includeing sothpern plains  but none of them seems proper. I see there are some stonehedge thing on the transport map but dosent have acces to that yet.

thanks in advance.


Try looking above Branwen's home...

I got fooled by this as well: I had tried those stones, somehow it didn't work, then I spent several hours searching elsewhere and finally did resort to a Youtube video to see that it really were those stones near Branwen's house. Tried them again, and yes!


Wow that was fast answered thx alot.


I'm stuck in Chaeton, getting killed by Veritas guards, while trying to find a place to hide.

Any tip? Thanks!

I did use a lot of magic while finding the place to hide. I had a charged amulet and did wear an air shield. The Veritas were no match against the many "iceball" and "windstorm" spell I was firing at them.

Thanks. It's really helpful. I forgot to charge my amulet... Well, I have older saved games that can help here!

Thanks. I'm now getting arrested by Lindara in Chaeton. I wonder how I can get out of here...


Carefully explore every part of the house...

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Well. Looks like I was blind here...  :D

Thanks for the tip. I finished the stone quest and I find it slightly simpler than the one in Chaeton...


Oh oh I think I'm in trouble Sarah :(    I split the two grimoires before going to Nineve's barrow for the second time - I wanted to make some more health potions... in splitting them, Briley's only got the 1st in her inventory. So in the barrow I've got the 1st and 3rd... am I meant to have all three to escape?? If so... I'm a bit stuck :( :(     (loving the game btw :) :)   


You don't need the 2nd or 3rd grimoire to escape...


thanks !!! 😁 



I'm looking for some help. I'm stuck while searching for Ayleth's bangle. I nearly look everywhere and did not see it.

Any hint? Thanks!


Have you searched near the river?


Well, I found the bangle one hour right after asking... Search and you will find. Thanks anyway for your answer. I'm trying to make your game last. I don't want to finish it too soon... I'm playing as easy skill - this is my first Japanese RPG - to enjoy it.

My final word? When you will release part 2, you can count on me to play it.


very good

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Congratulations for being mentioned in the C64 article in La Repubblica. It doesn't happen daily that the C64 games are noted by mainstream newspapers.

What other hardware could this run from?  ie. UII+, EasyFlash, etc?  Is it possible to build my own cartridge?  For example, OpenCart or other open project out there?  

Kung Fu Flash and Sidekick are two more options to run the game. You can definitely build your own Easyflash cartridge, I did so.

Hmm....that sidekick looks interesting.... Haven't heard of that project.  What's easier to build, EasyFlash or Sidekick64?  SK64 looks more versatile.  

Easyflash is way easier to build because it doesn't need SMD components.

Can you point to the gerbers or BOM?  I can only find the EF3.  I guess the Versa64Cart is not an option?

If you still need them, I have the Easyflash 1.4.1 Gerbers.

A Versacart is waayyyy too basic for this game, notably it lacks the required storage capacity, has no bank switching and mp ability to save games on cart.

I managed to create gerbers from an Eagle file


A really great game. I was not a great Zelda-like game, but this game changed my mind. I'm stuck searching the Mage clearing. Smokey left me in order to get some infos. I hope it will be back soon.

Looks like anytime soon some hint book will be published :)


Love the game! Thank you for your great work, already looking forward to the sequel <3

If you still plan further updates, I spotted one little typo: when Roana is about to pick her familiar and Smokey talks about picking his human, he say "in the sheler"... just one t short :)


Hi! Thanx for an awsome game Sarah. I’m stuck and don’t Knowles how to kill the dark spirit in the Woods?

You don't. Consider a different solution to the problem...


Thx for the answer. Btw, i’ve legalt bought the game. Well worth The money.

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Bought the game today. Really enjoy it so far on original hardware with EasyFlash. Like a few other people who posted here; I also got a 10 year old daughter, and she was put under as spell watching me play, begging me to keep going. Must have been the cats lol. Fantastic work Sarah. Hope we will see more from you for the c64 in the future :)

I am stuck at the ruins.  Can’t get the door to open. Found some of the hidden areas but I can’t find anything in there to help. That stone fox opened another hidden area but there doesn’t seem to be anything useful there either. The door stays shut. What can I do? 

One thing you can find will open another place where you find the switch for the door. If not, it's a bug.
(the first place that opens is on the top right of the ruins area)

How on earth do I use these .crt files in an emulator.  ccs64 doesn't seem to recognize them and VICE just flat out failed and locked up.  I'm at a loss here.  

I figured out how to use VICE.  Seems my old vice that I hadn't used in over a decade was corrupt and the last one I DL'd was missing files because of a failed download.  Works fine now.  Cheers.


Thank you Sarah! This game is amazing, and my 10 year old daughter has fallen deep under its spell. She absolutely loves it and its over 6 hours in so far.

I have a question: Is it possible to view the world map using the Easyflash crt? The manual says to hit "Select" on the physical cart release, but this isn't a thing. Is there another way?


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Hi! You gain access to the world map once you've purchased a cart hire (in game that is).

I bought the game here and we're playing it on a 1541U2. Is there something else I need to get

oh... I think I get it. You mean like a donkey cart... OK thanks!

Yes at some point you are able to hire a cart and go to places outside the village.

I have got question if this behavior is correct (I am using cart version 1.0.6): After Briley got captured by Lindara in the loft (after she got the purple dress by Lia) I have recognized that in the inventory she had lost ALL the potions (mint tea / all healing potions) but she still has the plain ingredients.
Is that a bug or intended? Because I spend a lot of time to farm ingredients every day and to prepare potions...because of this issue I am now stuck later in the game because I simply run out of potions (the ones I was able to create with the remaining ingredients) and mana points to heal myself when having to fight a lot in the dark forest (I don't want to spoiler any further story details).

No one? I am definitely not complaining about this wonderful game, I would just like to know if the fact that I lost all potions when getting arrested was done by design. Thank you.

Yes, I had this issue aswell. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but I had the exact same experience. ALL potions gone, but main ingredients still there. Quite worrisome, as I won't know if this will happen again, so I don't want to brew potions unnecessarily, but then again I need them.

Thanks for your reply. Just a couple of days ago I got feedback from Sarah that the behavior is actually intended. But I still don't know as well if it might happen again during the game.

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Looks and sounds wonderful, and I'm eager to buy it. But pretty please consider a physical version of this; it's really worth it! Cartridge from Protovision or disk version from Psytronik; both are fine for me! Pretty please consider this, I would LOVE to have this game physically, as physical medium is the only way I can play the game on the real hardware.

Downloads are limited to emulations only, sadly...

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U need EasyFlash cartridge to mount crt image and play on real hardware.

Cartridge KungFuFlash Or Ultimate2+ working too 

I know, but I don't have those. Course, I could always try to get some, but I largely prefer a physical version of the game itself, if possible.

I think the floppy version will not appear. Rather on a dedicated crt. If at all.

Dedicated crt would work wonders! Here's to intense hoping.


If you need help getting a physical Easyflash cartridge to install the game on, you are welcome to contact me.

Would be awesome; I did order one years ago from Poland, but it never showed up and I was refunded. Haven't tried since, so I would love to get one; playing this game on the actual hardware instead of an emulator would be a dream!

... but I can't find a way to send a private message. Hm.

daniel dot mantione at freepascal dot org


This is one of the best games I've ever played! (I haven't finished playing yet!) He's been keeping me busy for three days! Congratulations to everyone involved in its creation!


Finished the game after total 20 hour session over about 2-3 weeks with my 10yrs daughter.  Playing on easy. She was sad that it has ended. I look forward for the next chapter.  Awesome well polished production and catching story. Excellent joystick control, I loved it. We could lean back an play, no need for keyboard at all.

p.s.: We still missed 2 foxes somewhere ;-)) 


incredible !! what a great game !! didn't expect to meet such a detailed, beautiful, deep and fine coded C64 game these days... it really reminds me of the old C64 spirit, it's so good to experience that again. Thank you, amazing work !


I just purchased your game and I'm very eager to start playing it. I hope (and bet) it'll give me the same satisfaction as Times of Lore, yeaeaeaears ago! 

Just to post top level here, where is the cayenne to satisfy my curiosity as I never found it?



Thanks, wow, they look just like background graphics to me hence why I probably never tried picking them! So I got through the game with no MP restore potions on Normal...


Just finished the game and just reading this now :) ... ... ... ... d'oh!!

Just play it again :)

lol will need a break first


Briley Witch Chronicles - A C64 Japanese inspired RPG HIT from Sarah Jane Avory is coming to the Amiga

oh, wow, great!
What will be the physical media for the Amiga? Floppy disk?


Just made it to the end! Wonderfull game! But I had a hard time to understand how to put the Mystical box on the ground! 

Yeah I had the same problem, but fortunately my 10-yr old daughter figured out immediately when I handed the joystick over to her ;-)

can you give me any clues dmagician? My 10 year old daughter isn't interested in helping me lol


Think of merging something... It will help :)

Thanks Fred... I've merged the thing I think you mean.... still stuck - I mustn't be true witchy material :(


Just put the box at the right place. And launch the right spell when you are well placed. I won't be more specific. I do not want to spoil you the pleasure to find what to do and finish the game :)


Congratulations on being BastichB's #1 game for the C64 of 2021!


I just beat the game.,. Wow.. can't wait to see the sequel. Worth every $. There could be some small improvement here and there in the storytelling. But for a one person project it is FANTASTIC.

Just a few little question. I got 2 stepstones but never found a place to use them.

And where can thyme and cayenne be found for the MP Potions ?

Ahh and  so sad that the "Haunted Forest" animated graphics no longer appear after the "escape sequence".. I really loved the creepy athmosphere of the trees :-D

You need the stepping stones to get the thyme. The cayenne is in a forest where you wouldn't expect to find cayenne peppers.

Thank you. Time for a replay ^^

Might need to spell it out even more for me Sue as I still never found the cayenne...

I have an issue with the feature "continue" in the very beginning. I've started playing with 1.0.3 and I am able to choose "continue" a game and afterwards I can go down to "drive 8".
Today I wanted to "migrate" to the latest version 1.0.6. What I see is that from 1.0.4 on-wards when I try to choose "drive 8" the game returns to the title screen so that I have no chance to continue playing from a save that is located on disk.
I am using the C64.emu emulator on a Open Pandora handheld, and I will try other options that I have today (e.g. Ultimate 64).

Sorry for the noise, it's working like a charm on the Ultimate 64 so it must be something emulator specific.

In VICE you have this kind of problem when there isn't a disk mounted in the chosen drive.


Thanks @Giovi for your advice. As I know in the meantime it was my bad: the emulator changed a few settings back to the defaults after I have chosen the new crt file. I am using JiffyDos and e.g. "True Drive Emulation" was set to false then as well as some control settings. Once I had set them again correctly also the emulator setup was working again.


Great game! Can't wait for the sequel!

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