Neutron Won An Award!

Neutron has won the RGN Gamers' Choice Commodore 64 2019, so I'm celebrating!

A very big heart felt warm thank you to all who voted for me! I hereby promise to create many more #C64 games, and I will always, always do my best! So watch out for Soul Force in the near future...

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  1. عمل متعب لكنه في النهاية جيد جدا...

Hello Sarah,

on Twitter you wrote, "you have done alle you can" to Soul Force....did you finish it? Did you release it somewhere? I could not find it anywhere....I´m sure I overlooked something somewhere.....^^




Totally deserved! 

Your games are a perfect mix of technical marvels, variety and good challenge. 

I had a blast playing Santron during Xmas in my PSP :D

Keep rocking. 


But now, we wait for some new games for C64 full-size and C64 mini.



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A well deserved award for one of the best shoot 'em ups to ever appear on the C64! Congratulations, Sarah!




An amazing #SHMUP and deserving of game of the year! Grats Sarah!


Congratulations!!! Keep doing this awesome job...