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Santron is a fast-paced vertical shoot-em-up for the Commodore 64 (PAL).

This game is a special Christmas version of Neutron, a game that was entered in RGCD's C64 16KB Cartridge GameDev Compo 2019.

All programming, graphics, and sound by Sarah Jane Avory.

(C) 2019 Protovision.

NB: Although the game has been coded for PAL, it will run quite happily on an NTSC machine, just at a faster speed.


Jack Frost is determined to ruin Christmas, so he has spelled various items associated with Christmas! Use the new S.A.N.T.A.H.A.T.01 space fighter and put an end to Jack's mischief!

Be on the watch out for perilous peppermint swirls, killer snowmen, kamikaze icicles, plasma spitting sugar mice, charging turkey legs, and other assorted twisted adversaries.

But help is on hand, so lookout for useful floating presents, each with a power-up bauble inside...

Only you can save Christmas, so strap in, and blast off!


  • 9 challenging stages of increasing difficulty.
  • Player weapon upgrades.
  • 3 different background styles each with its own Christmas tune.
  • Loads of Christmas themed enemies.
  • Mid-stage mini-bosses.
  • End of stage boss.


Joystick in port 2, or Keyboard:

  • S - Up.
  • X - Down.
  • < - Left.
  • > - Right.
  • SPACE - Fire!


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santron.d64 (PAL) 170 kB
santron.prg (PAL) 18 kB

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Genau das richtige für die Weihnachtszeit.

Sarah Jane Avory hat wieder einmal alles gegeben. Sie scheint ein Naturtalent zu sein, denn sie hat nicht nur komponiert und gepixelt, sondern das ganze auch programmiert. Einfach WOW diese Frau :)

Auf meinem YouTube Kanal habe ich es im Rahmen der C64 Spielzeit vorgestellt. Schaut doch mal vorbei: 


you are not related to Manfred Trenz by any chance lol just kidding,  only because you are a very talented games programmer who really knows how to make Awesome shoot em ups, keep up your excellent work...Both Thumbs UP!!! :)


can this be played on a Never The Same Color system?

It'll run on NTSC, but will run a bit faster than PAL.


thank you very much 


Exactly as for Neutron, I love also this xmas version of your C64 vertical shooter. Very well!    P

(1 edit) (+1)

Another great piece of work that i hope does well for you.



Great game & well done holiday theme.  Santa Rules!


made a cartridge out of this fun game thank you


I can finally put my sticky hands on this!

Yey! :D

(2 edits) (+1)

Sad this isn't one file .prg, I only use RR-Net to load games on my C64. Eventually the scene will make one though, so no despair!

I've just added a .prg version.


Thx Sarah!