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A special (and updated) Christmas version of Soul Force.

It’s Christmas time in the Soultron star system, its people living in hope for a never ending peaceful existence of joy and good will.

Yet some had looked out into the skies, wondering what lay beyond, and what dangers could descend upon their peaceful worlds. In secret they developed project Snow Force, an advanced space fighter designed to defend the Soultron system from anyone trying to ruin Christmas.

And from the darkness of deep space comes a terrible bio-mechanical fleet swarming into the Soultron star system, monstrous creations descending upon the peaceful planets, stealing all their Christmas presents. They are known as the Grinchkins, a most miserable bunch of misers...

We have chosen you to launch and pilot the new Snow Force space fighter against this terrifying threat and liberate our star system. Learn the Grinchkin’s plans and put a stop to them for good. The fate of our star system lies in our hands. You are our last and only hope... Oh, and don’t forget to rescue our presents too!

Key Features of Snow Force:

  • 18 adrenaline filled horizontal shoot’em up levels, each with Christmas themed enemies
  • Seven in-game bonus items to collect
  • Collect presents for bonus points
  • Four individually upgradable weapon systems
  • General ship upgrades
  • Lots of boss fights
  • Four difficulty settings
  • Password and flexible save game system
  • Supports C64GS joysticks with 2nd button used for cycling weapons
  • Fully PAL & NTSC compatible

NB: Snow force also includes Soul Force X, and updated version of Soul Force.


Programming, graphics, and sound by Sarah Jane Avory.

Sprite portraits and additional sprites by Paolo Rathjen.

(C) 2021 Witchsoft.


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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, Christmas, Commodore 64, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Snow Force v1.0.crt (EasyFlash) 545 kB
Snow Force v1.0 (GS64).crt 513 kB
Snow Force v1.0.cjm 96 bytes
Snow Force Manual.pdf 2 MB
Soul Force X Manual.pdf 1 MB

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I just wondered if you have a .d64 or .d81 version of Snow Force. Or a version with just Soul Force-X on disk format. The game has saves but it will not save to disk. I assume because it's a .crt file?

Anyway just hoping.


Very cool christmas shoot 'em up - technically one of the best on C64. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:13:52. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Using the Soul Force passwords for level 19 and 20 leads to a nice crash on Snow Force


I hope to see more C64 games in the future. Your games look great using a CRT shader on RetroArch. I would love to still own original hardware, but that's unlikely to happen. All the best.


Sprite Castle approved!


Hi Sarah, what's the difference between Soul Force and Soul Force X?

Soul Force X has some bug fixes and improvements, plus has 2nd button support for cycling weapons (joystick or keyboard).


Thank you, Sarah! And a Happy New Year to you.

But as I can see Soul Force X is lack of scenes between levels

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Hello. Is possible to add save on cartridge options, hi-scores and game progress?


Merry Christmas Sarah Jane :)

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Can anyone please let me know which is the best C64 emulator to play the game Snow Force ?, Iv'e been using this emulator CS64 V3.9.2 to play Soul Force-GS64 Certificate Rom without any problems but sadly i cant get Snow Force to work on this emulator at all, any help will be much appreciated, Thank you :)


I've just added a GS64 version, so try that.


Thank you so much Sarah, The game is working perfectly now on the CS64 Emulator and its Awesome!!!, Hope you had a great Christmas & Happy New Year 2022...Love your shoot em ups their are the best, Thanks again :)


Nice game.


Another wonderful addition to my C64 library! Thanks for all your hard work, Sarah Jane Avory!


another great release and a wonderful c64 treat for Christmas 🎄. Soul force x a wonderful surprise, keep up the good work. A merry Christmas to all….

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Another fantastic release, Soul Force X is a great gift! And congratulations for winning Retrogamer nations games of the year, top 2 games on the podium! Thanks and keep doing that, now we are addicted!

Is there any option to Pause? 

I got interrupted and had to stop playing on the Razkan Asteroid Field and wasnt able to pause.


Works great on my NTSC C128 with Kung Fu Flash

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Update: Disabling GeoRAM and REU fixed my issue. 

Crashes on the MiSTer FPGA. If I don't make any changes like turning on Auto Fire I can play through the first level. Crashes starting level 2.  I'll pass the crash info to the MiSTer Devs.

Seems like the MISTER is not supporting the eAPI for loading/saving

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I am pretty sure that you are doing something wrong, It works without problems on my MiSTer FPGA. I just played to level 3. Make sure you don't have any custom kernels like JiffyDOS enabled.

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Update: Disabling GeoRAM and REU fixed my issue. 

On real machines, you could have REU and a cartridge game on same time?
It's correct that with REU or Georam enabled then CRT game won't works


How do I play Soul Force X?

Can see the manual download but not the game itself.

There's a Soul Force X option on the Options screen.


Found it, thanks.
Really enjoy your games :)

is there an option to start default to soul force X during the non Holliday season?


Great game! Merry Christmas!


Did you mean to include Soul Force X instructions with the purchase? Another game your working on?

Yes, Snow Force includes Soul Force X, an updated version of Soul Force with support for 2nd button to cycle weapons.


Thanks didn't know that, hadn't had a chance to play yet.


very good, kiss


We love you Sarah ! Merry Christmas from Norway.

Hello Sarah, many thanks for this Xmas edition of Soul Force. I played 2 x times the Soul Force X and the game go out with a screen of characters at Level 5 and 6.
Is it the same problem that occured with original Soul Force crt on VICE 2.4 ?
I played then original Soul Force and no problem, even if until now I reached only 12th level.
May you take a look ? Thanks.

Oh, that's not good. I'll take a look at that. Is this PAL or NTSC?

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PAL, I have however tested the game on TheC64 and Real C64 + Ultimate2+ cartridge without problems. So I think it could be a bug related to fpga64 core for MiST. But I remember that the original Soul Force had this bug on VICE 2.4, then it was fixed. Now it is present on Soul Force X after level 5 for now only on MiST:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Ah, there is a problem if the REU is enabled on MiSTer, so check that. Seems REU uses the same I/O addresses as EasyFlash, so it causes problems and can crash the game.

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REU option disabled, as I use it only for Sonic the Hedgehog. I have to try to disable jiffydos, but I don't know in which manner it can affect the crt game. Original Soul Force doesn't have this problem.