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thank you, on of the few shooters I can play because of easy mode. 

but in saying tat, I'm doing ok with normal. xxx


very good, with compliments


Congrats to this long-awaited release. Plays reeeeeally nice.
A top quality shooter one will return to - for just another try. :)

I only made it through the first stage yet (normal difficulty) but love the game already. Can't wait to see the other end bosses. But one question: How does the weapon upgrade work? The more 'P's I collect, the stronger the shot? Or do I have a choice between different weapons?


Every enemy attack wave you completely destroy drops a "P". Collect 12 to power up your weapons. There's a bar above your lives that shows you your progress.

And just to be nice, losing a life doesn't clear the bar, it just degrades your weapon by one level.


Got it. Great you don't have to start from scratch leveling your weapon up. And with not losing the bar there is some tactical element as well. Thanks again for this great SHMUP. Hope you also get some financial reward from this. Good quality must be rewarded. 


Great game!


Here's a Commodore Joystick Map that works with THEC64 and Mini:

T:Zeta Wing
A:Sarah Jane Avory

The back two buttons on THEC64 Joystick are used on the title screen.

This might need some amendments for the J:2* parameters if you have a Mini which hasn't been updated to the latest firmware (specifically the mapping of the F1 and F3 keys).

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