Zeta Wing v1.01 released.

Just a minor fix to (hopefully)  fix the DolphinDOS issue of not saving/loading setting.

I don't have a real C64 with DolphinDOS, but tesed using VICE and the problem did arise, so I could track it down and fix it. Game now works perfectly on VICE, so I'm hopeful this will fix real C64s as well.


ZetaWing2 v1_01.crt (EasyFlash) 200 kB
Apr 29, 2023

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I just played this game not long ago. I loved the first Zeta Wing, and I love this game even more. Stunning background scrolling animation, nice soundtracks and much harder game play. Unlike Zeta Wing, I haven't passed level 2 on easy mode yet. 


Thanks Sarah, amazing game. I came across a couple of small issues as well. One stopped the smart bombs from working, but I don;'t know how to recreate the issue (I played quite a few games with bombs mapped to 2nd fire button, and they worked at first but after about 6 games they stopped working).  I did save settings to disk at some point, but that didnt seem to cause the issue the 2nd time I tried.    Also myself and a viewer couldnt load the game on Vice (We were trying on Windows Vice 3.6.0). Though the game ran fine on my Ultimate 64, and others say it works ok on Vice, so I will try to update Vice and try again.  Thanks so much for the game, it's amazing.  


Just updated VICE to 3.7 fixed the crt loading for me.  The disk version still crashed, though maybe a default Vice install doesn't have True Drive emulation on.