Zeta Wing v1.03 released.

Update to disk version so that it remembers what device it was booted from.

People that load games from device 9 will be happy.


zetawing2 v1.03.d64 170 kB
May 01, 2023

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Nice feature! And this is a retro game. For real C64. In my local place..there are few of C64..i mean it is not commond computer for me.. But i heard about it. It is mainly american machine. So, nice to try it on emulator,. maybe.

C64 was an American machine, but it was eventually more popular in Europe. And still is :-) (Especially the demoscene.)


Thanks for the updates.  One update I would like to see (although not compulsory) would be to have an option to skip the save settings prompt after entering my initials onto the hi score table. Apart from that,  I enjoy the game a lot. Well done Sarah.