Zeta Wing v1.02 released.

Some changes to the disk save/load routines to make them more stable, especially with DolphinDOS.


ZetaWing2 v1.02.crt (EasyFlash) 200 kB
Apr 30, 2023
zetawing2 v1.02.d64 170 kB
Apr 30, 2023

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It would be good that you share a demo version for anyone ( specially youtuber C64 gamers )


Why? It's only 5 bucks. You spend more money at every damn coffee shop every day. For this work, this niche, it shows respect to also give a few bucks for it. C64 programmers don't get rich with it. Just do it...

Why not a demo ? If you want to buy it. So, you let´s go for it and finally I didn´t disrespect for request something that only depends of the author. It will depend of her if she want it or not. C64 ( a channel well known in internet ) just only want to help.