Saving Problems

When using an Ultimate 64 or a 1541 Ultimate cartridge, please use Save To Disk instead of Save To Cart as although the game reports the Save To Cart as successful, it doesn't actually save anything and you will lose progress.

I've updated the manual with the new in formation.

Update: I've investigated, and Ultimate 64 saves to RAM, so when the power is turned off, progress is lost. You can save the cartridge image back to storage, but this is saving just the original cartridge image, not including the save game area, so doesn't save progress. I can fix this problem, but the cartridge image would have to grow by 256K.


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Oct 27, 2021

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on thec64 is there a way to make joystick 2 button controls?


Saving on U64/U2+ will be fixed shortly. Gideon is aware of the issue and might fix it this weekend. 


That's good to hear.


Is there any hope to 'save on cart' with TheC64s?

Unfortunately, at the moment TheC64 doesn't write back to the cart image on a flash drive and only writes to RAM, so powering down will lose progress. Best to use save states as these work fine.

It is best that you complain to Retro Games and ask them to change the vice configuration on the firmware of TheC64.... I have been contacting them since the release.  They have little to no interest in correcting this.


Needs to ne set in the vice configuration file



it saves on my kun fu flash cartridge 😘


I noticed it does the same on my Backbit Pro cartridge. Great game!


I've found the reason and informed Gideon. No need to investigate.


I have a few higher capacity drives and test that it works on CMD devices such as the FD2000.

Works find from a CMD-FD 2000 to load and save.


Best game ever award