Crash bug in V1.0.

Unfortunately there does appear to be a crash bug in v1.0, caused by an error in the final build I uploaded. Not sure how, but one bit in the whole cart image got set to a 1 instead of a 0...

For those saving games to disk, it won't be a problem to update to v1.0.1 and load the save back in.

For those saving to cart, I'd suggest saving to disk, updating to v1.0.1, then load the saved game from disk and continue.

But anyone using save states on TheC64, will probably have to update to v1.0.1 and start again. I've updated the v1.0 crt file with the  error corrected, so might be worth trying that first.

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Is this the "Retrieve Clarissa's Ring bug"? If not then I have a bug to report.

Yes, it is. I fixed it on v1.0.1.

Ok thanks Sarah. I have been playing it on theC64 (maxi)  Moving the save files to version 1.03 does not help, it still crashes at the hint. Deleting the save files and starting on 1.05.
This game is brilliant! Never enjoyed a JRPG before this (y)


I believe one of the Zzap reviewers ran into the crash bug so good to see it fixed!