Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.2 Released.

Fixed a few issues and make some tweaks:

  • Improved a Remind dialogue on 1st section of game.
  • Added a chest in nightmare world to help out a bit.
  • Fixed a possible flow issue with a Balen encounter.
  • Fixed quickness and strength potions in combat.
  • Fixed bee hive dialogue when Briley is on her own.

NB: if you're saving to cart, don't use this update without first saving your progress to disk (so you can load it back from disk), otherwise the new version will overwrite the save games on the cart image and you'll lose progress. For people using TheC64 and save states, it's best to continue with the current version of the game (unless you want to start again) as progress will be lost.


Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.2.crt (EasyFlash) 633 kB
Oct 31, 2021

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Maybe I'm just being thick but I can't get this to run on my genuine breadbin64 or C128. I have it loaded via a SD2IEC reader. Not familiar using the .CRT files. If that's the problem is there a simple solution?


It's an EasyFlash cartridge image and not a disk image, so can't be run from an SD2IEC. It needs something like a real EasyFlash cart, or Kung Fu Flash (that's what I use)... basically anything that emulates cartridge images.

hi, I have already played 10 hours on the first version, sometimes the game freezes, but then it restarts without problems. Will I be able to complete the game without problems?

I have not stopped playing since released! Thank you!

What was up with the Quickness potion?


very good



If I play on the TheC64 Maxi but use a disk image to save (not the savestates) can I simply change from 1.01 to 1.02 and continue playing?


Yes, you can!


Wonderful! Thanks! =)