Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.5 Released

A few more bug fixes:

  • Fixed an occasional sprite glitch.
  • Fixed a possible story flow issue after Sebastian shows Briley the forest glade.
  • Added [Spacebar] as an additional [Back] button on the alternate keyboard set - can be used by joysticks with a 2nd button wired to trigger [Spacebar].

NB: if you're saving to cart, don't use this update without first saving your progress to disk (so you can load it back from disk), otherwise the new version will overwrite the save games on the cart image and you'll lose progress. For people using TheC64 mini and save states, it's best to continue with the current version of the game (unless you want to start again) as progress will be lost.


Briley Witch Chronicles v1.0.5.crt (EasyFlash) 665 kB
Nov 16, 2021

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