V1.1 cartridge file added

For those who want faster loading and can use .crt cartridge files, here you go!

It's a Commodore Game System cartridge format file, so should work fine on emulators (I've tested it on PAL/NTSC VICE), Ultimate64 etc.


ZetaWing v1.1.crt 513 kB
Sep 28, 2020

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I love this game, thank you! Any chance of a Tap Version being added

Just for the sake of the Tape Loaders!

yeah tape loaders with loading pictures and music its a nostalgia thing plus I can load it on my original hardware too :) 


Hi, but this one does not have a save function included, is that correct?

This one has the save function too. An emulator just needs a floppy disk image mounting first. I've tested it with VICE and it works fine.