Zeta Wing v1.2 Released!


  • Added save for settings (remembers auto-fire  and difficulty level, plus high-scores).
  • Can save settings (including high scores) to either device 8 or 9.
  • Cartridge version is now Easy Flash and will auto-save settings to cartridge.
  • Disk version now has a proper loading screen.
  • Can now use P to pause the game - but see v1.2.1 for more pause options.


ZetaWing v1.2.crt 64 kB
Aug 24, 2021
ZetaWing v1.2.d64 170 kB
Aug 24, 2021
ZetaWing v1.2.prg 32 kB
Aug 24, 2021

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The new cartridge version will go on my "Kung Fu Flash" for sure! Thanks for the update!


Excellent! Thank you Sarah Jane - your C64 game development work is absolutely awesome!


Woohoo \o/


very good